Alienoid 2022 Full Movie

The door of time opens between the swordsman who wants to seize the legendary divine sword at the end of the Goryeo Dynasty and those who chase after an alien prisoner imprisoned in a human body in 2022.

Alienoid Exclusive (2022) Release Date

US Release Date: August 26, 2022

Starring: Kim Tae-ri, Kim Woo-bin, Ryu Jun-yeol

Director: Choi Dong-hoon

Synopsis: Gurus in the late Goryeo dynasty try to obtain a fabled, holy sword, and humans in 2022 hunt down an alien prisoner that is locked in a human’s body. The two parties cross paths when a time-traveling portal opens up.

This movie has a little bit of everything. It’s got humor, a touch of romance, Kun.g fu dudes. Aliens with lasers. Kung Fu dudes fighting aliens with lasers, time travel. A marriage minded auntie, decent CGI, likeable good guys, vile villains, in short it’s just a good time at the movies

The bad guys weren’t as well fleshed out as the good guys. They borrowed a little too heavily from Venom for the alien design and power set, and some of the CGI fights lasted a little too long but those aren’t big flaws. If this movie sounds good to you then I think you’d enjoy it.

Those are my thoughts. But i keep getting flagged for not having enough characters although i see plenty of shorter reviews posted up in here already. Let’s see if I’ve typed enough.

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