Laminor Full Movie Film Jadid Irani

The movie Laminor (فـیلـم سینمایی لامـینــور) was directed by Dariush Mehrjooi and was made in 2022. This movie is produced in Iran and in the genre of drama and family. Ali Nasirian, Pardis Ahmadiyeh, Ezzatullah Ramezanifar, Ali Musfa, Siamak Ansari, Mehrdad Sedikian, Kaveh Afaq, Reza Davoudenjad, Diba Zahedi, Bita Farhi and Farimah Farjami have acted as artists in this film.
Laminor is about Nadi who loves playing music, but her father is a staunch opponent of music, and the story of her problems begins here…

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