Serial Jeyran Part 26

Serial Jeyran Gesamte 26 (سریال جیران قسمت بیست و ششم )In the Qajar era 1852, The king of Persia, Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, falls in love with Jeyran, who loves Siavash.

It is 1852, a short while since the death of Amir Kabir, the prime minster and the grand teacher of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, The Iranian King of the Qajar Dynasty. His Majesty is feeling sad and depressed after the killing of his mentor. He does not pay much attention to the main affairs of the kingdom and this has made the Mother Queen concerned. One day, in order to get away from all formalities of the palace he asks his personal bodyguard, Salman, to accompany him out of the city for hunting. The next day they go undercover to the valley where His Majesty meets an attractive young woman, Khadijeh Khanom Tajrishi, who grabs his attention. She, who does not recognize the King, treats him with no respect and leaves the scene quickly. Because of her big gorgeous eyes, he calls her ‘Jeyran’. The King, who can’t get the girl out of his head, orders his guard to find and bring her to the palace. But Jeyran is in love with another man called Siavash, who is also in love with her. The story gets more interesting when Jeyran enters the palace. She faces a lot of challenges with her rivals and with the Mother Queen who does not see her the right fit for the King since Jayran comes from an ordinary family.

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