Serial Roozi Roozegari Merikh Part 9

Roozi Roozegari Merikh 9 (سریال روزی روزگاری مریخ قسمت نهم ) was made in 1401 under the direction of Peyman Qasim Khani and Mohsen Chegini. This series is produced in Iran and in the comedy and family genre. In this series, Sam Derakhshani, Vishka Asayesh, Amir Nowrozi, Bahadur Maliki, Amir Kazemi, Amir Mahdi Johle, Flamak Junidi, Abdullah Rawa, Mehrab Qasim Khani, Elnaz Habibi, Lily Rashidi and Nima Shakibaei are artists. The story of Mars once upon a time series s about Nasser on earch, a down-on-his-luck petty criminal and perpetually losing bettor, is about to make the last and biggest gamble of his life. Until then, he must hide himself from enemies who thirst for his blood.

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